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Pictures from Game Jam HK are here

Our official photos are finally here. We have uploaded a selection of all the photos on Google Drive. Find a link to the folder below. You can view and download all pictures from there.

Find all pictures here

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Thanks for a great Jam

We had an amazing Global Game Jam weekend! So many hardworking jammers, so many great games and so much fun. Thanks for a great jam, everyone.

Remember that, all games can be found on and that you can find pictures from the weekend on our Facebook page.

We found a few items at Cyberport that someone has left behind, a ScanDisk card reader and a notebook, so if they belong to you please contact us on

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We are ready for GGJ

In less than an hour Global Game Jam is starting, and we are looking forward to greet all of you.

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Pepper Lunch Express
Shop No.: 403a
Telephone: 2577 2311

Shop No.: 314, 411, 501 & 601
Telephone: 2677 1126

Delicious Square
Shop No.: 410
Telephone: 2897 5267

Dynastie Kitchen
Shop No.: 110
Telephone: 2989 6028

Dynastie Shanghai Restaurant
Shop No.: 304
Telephone: 2989 6120

Shop No.: 208
Telephone: 2793 2522

Shop No.: 416
Telephone: 2758 0002

GA GA Cuisine
Shop No.: 409
Telephone: 2897 5267

GA GA Dessert Centre
Shop No.: 407
Telephone: 2897 5267

GP Dynastie Banquet Hall
Shop No.: 102
Telephone: 2989 9338

Health & Health
Shop No.: 408

McDonald’s Restaurant / McCafe
Shop No.: 1-2, The Annex
Telephone: 2762 8532

Nam Fong,Le Meridien Cyberport
Shop No.: Le Meridien Cyberport
Telephone: 2980 7410

Oh Sushi
Shop No.: 307
Telephone: 2989 6286

Pâtisserie Les Amis
Shop No.: 320
Telephone: 2191 0391

Podium, Le Meridien Cyberport
Shop No.: Le Meridien Cyberport
Telephone: 2980 7424

Prompt, Le Meridien Cyberport
Shop No.: Le Meridien Cyberport
Telephone: 2980 7417

PSI Bar, Le Meridien Cyberport
Shop No.: Le Meridien Cyberport
Telephone: 2980 7424

Recharge café
Shop No.: Portion of the Foyer Area Level 4 Cyberport 2
Telephone: 2668 3147

Restaurant & Bar Umami, Le Meridien Cyberport
Shop No.: Le Meridien Cyberport
Telephone: 2980 7406

Shop No.: Portion of Unit 316 IT Street L3 Core E Cyberport 3
Telephone: 2989 9592/ 2989 6115

Shop No.: Concourse of L4 Core A Cyberport 3
Telephone: 2989 9592/ 2989 6115

We Grill Korean Express
Shop No.: 302

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Answers to some recent questions

  • There will be Wi-Fi connection available at the venue.
  • We will provide help finding nearby restaurants.
  • Any kind of game and any development tools are ‘allowed’.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

If for some reason you cannot join the jam, please let us know asap.

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Adobe gives workshop on Creative Cloud

As part of the official program for Global Game Jam Hong Kong, we have invited Adobe Creative Cloud to give a special workshop for participating jammers. Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the main sponsors of GGJ HK. The workshop will take place as part of the opening of GGJ HK January 23rd at 6pm immediately before registration and will be followed by the theme announcement and official opening.

You can read more about the session here as well as the prerequisite for attendees.

How Adobe will take you to the next level of game production and visual design

Time and date: 6pm, January 23rd 2015
Place: Training Room 1-3, Level 3, Core F, Cybeport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Cyberport Hong Kong

Ernest Wong - Adobe Creative Solutions Consultant – Hong Kong and Taiwan

The Adobe Game Developer Tools include a complete Game Development Guide, Flex Builder and Flash Professional to build the games, the Adobe Gaming SDK with Native Extensions for iOS, Android Mac and Windows, Stage3D to make immersive 3D games, Flash C++ Compiler, Adobe Scout for profiling and optimisation, Flash Player, AIR and PhoneGap for publishing, Starling GPU libraries for incredible rendering speed, Feathers for UI, and support for Away3D, Crossbridge, Zest3D, Flare3D, EasyAGAL, Alternativa3D, Mixamo, Minko and Gamebuilder Studio.

The latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud provides new, connected Creative Cloud apps and services you need to create amazing work across desktop and mobile devices. No matter you are an artists or game development professionals you will have a wider range of software from which to choose, expanding your creative repertoire, and enriching your game presentation.

Attendees at the workshop are advised to install Creative Cloud apps trial version and Game SDK by visiting the below link. They will be asked for an Adobe ID for which they can apply before downloading any software.

Adobe Creative Cloud are pleased to offer all attendees a limited edition cup cover.

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We now have an update schedule for GGJ HK 2015. More information will follow shortly.

See schedule, checklist and more here.

Haven't registered yet? Hurry up, the deadline for registration is 18th of January. Go to registration here

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It is a pleasure to announce that the third Global Game Jam Hong Kong will take place January 23-25 2015.

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game development event taking place around the world at physical locations.

Over 48 hours at January 23 -25, Cyberport Hong Kong will stir of creative buzz while participants unfolds creatively and explores the process of game development, be it programming, iterative design, narrative exploration or artistic expression

Registration for GGJ Hong Kong is free, so join now and participate in and amazing 48 hours game development challenge.

This years GGJ HK will take place at Cyberport Hong Kong:

Training Room 1-3, Level 3
Core F, Cyberport 3
100 Cyberport Road
Cyberport Hong Kong

Register here

If you need inspiration for this years challenge or if you are just currious to see the games developed during last years GGJ HK you can see the games here

See our Facebook page here

If you have any questions fell free to contact us:

Whether you're an ace coder, artist or a person who loves games, come along!

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