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What is the Global Game Jam?

The GGJ brings together talented individuals from within your community. It is a unique opportunity for people to push their skills and challenge their way of working. Participants work concurrently with developers around the globe; we rally around a central theme, and then have 48 hours to create a game. It's our hope that we will see some very experimental realized prototypes that you can continue to work on after the jam. Many games developed in previous Game Jams have become fully realized games. The GGJ is open source, hardware & software agnostic and all projects are protected under a Creative Commons license. We encourage people to try out new ideas and push themselves, within reason. We also strongly encourage participants to remember to eat and sleep, to stay at their best!

When is the Global Game Jam?

The GGJ is an annual event. The GGJ 2018 will be on January 26th and goes for ~48 hours through January 22, 2018.

Do I need to come to GGJ with a team already formed?

We encourage you to come without a team and get to know some of your local peers.

Do I need special skills to participate in the GGJ?

Although having computer skills is helpful, code experience is not necessary. Designers, developers, artists and anyone is welcome to try their hand at making a game during the GGJ.

Is the GGJ only for professionals?

No. Everyone is welcome.

What is the program of GGJ Hong Kong 2018?

Please see the schedule here

Can I stay overnight?

Yes you can! Some of our volunteers will be available throughout the night and the most ambitious jammers definitely stay overnight. Just bring your own sleeping back or similar. Unfortunately we cannot provide shower facilities this time, so make sure to take care of your hygiene.

How to get to Cyberport?

We organise buses from Hong Kong island to Cyberport and back every day.

What to eat?

Having Cyberport as a jamsite partner we are able to provide you drinks and snacks throughout the event. Access to food in close vicinity. Pretty neat, huh?!?!

How do I log into the site?

You sign up on the site as an individual. Registration for jammers is now open. Create a new account or login here.

How do I tell the system my location and full name information?

Every user must fill out a profile which is available from your account page. The profile asks for your full name and has a drop-down menu to choose your location. Additionally, you can write a public biography about yourself under "My account".

Who owns the intellectual property of games made during GGJ?

The team/makers of the game hold all IP rights. However, the Global Game Jam may use the games for demonstration as it sees fit. All games must be posted in the condition they are in as of the close of the GGJ event (Sunday). If the team/makers of the game wish to upload subsequent versions, they are welcome and we will host and archive them. All participants and all games entered for GGJ must agree to a Creative Commons, share, alter, no sell license.
See also: the License and Distribution Agreement here.

Is there a cut-off date as to when we can join the Global Game Jam?

Register as soon as you can. We strongly encourage everyone to register as soon as they can confirm their participation. This allows us to better prepare the facilities and volunteers for the correct number of participants.


The Global Game Jam is supposed to be fun and collaborative, with a goal to keep things very simple. We provide structure, guidance and help for all locations participating in the GGJ. As a rule, we expect that no team/makers of a game will illegally exploit others' IP, and that in turn, everything created becomes part of the public domain. All participants agree that their participation in the Global Game Jam will hold no one liable for any loss or damage.
The Global Game Jam reserves the right to refuse to allow anyone or any jam location to participate at any time for any reason or no reason at all. This includes after the game jam has already started.
(also see GGJ Wiki archive)


Game Jam是什麼?


Global Game Jam是什麼?

GGJ從你們的社區中匯集有才華的人。它是一個獨特的機會,去推動他們的技能,並且挑戰他們的工作方式。參加者同時和世界各地的開發人員一起工作,我們因為一個中心主題而團結在一起,然後我們有48個小時的時間去創造一個遊戲。我們希望看到一些非常俱有實驗性的原型,然後你可以在jam結束之後繼續你的idea。很多遊戲都是在以往的game jam中發展出來,成為一個可以完全實現的遊戲。 GGJ向大家開放資源、硬件和軟件,並且所有的項目都受Creative Commons許可。我們鼓勵人們嘗試新的想法并且在合理的範圍內鞭策自己。我們還大力鼓勵學員要記得吃飯,睡覺,以保持在最佳狀態!
















每個參與者都必須在您的帳戶介面裏填寫您的個人信息,其中包括您的全名以及所在地(您可在一個下拉菜單中選擇)。此外,您也可以在“My account”(我的帳戶)下編寫您的個人簡歷。





GGJ致力於給人們帶來樂趣與協作精神,目標是讓生活變得輕鬆簡單。我們在GGJ活動中為所有的參與者提供組織,引導和幫助。規則上,我們不希望製作者(或團隊)非法利用他人的知識產權,作為回應,所有創作品將被視為公共領域的一部份。 GGJ賽會組織在比賽過程中對參與者(或團隊)的物品丟失與損壞均不承擔法律責任,所有報名者及參與者將被視為同意上述聲明。

GGJ有權拒絕或同意任何個人或任何組織以任何理由或無理由在任何時間參加大賽。權利自GGJ賽事創立之日即已生效。 GGJ賽會組織方對活動期間一切事宜擁有最終解釋權。

(也可以參照GGJ 維基百科頁面)

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