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We are actively seeking sponsors in all category levels for Global Game Jam Hong Kong 2018, which is scheduled to take place January 26-28, 2018. For more information, or to receive our sponsorship kit, please write to Donations will be used to pay for logistics, advertising, and event promotion. The Global Game Jam (TM) is an Global Game Jam, Inc. event, meant to bring the game development community together across all physical boundaries into a yearly creative weekend where people make great games.
  • Access. Access to some of the most innovative, creative and talented minds in Video Games.
  • Exposure. Your product will be exposed to people who are most likely to use your products or be influenced by your brand. For software and middleware companies, you will reach those who influence the purchase and use of your products in their studio, lab or upcoming Indie project. For publishers, the GGJ offers a way to reach the game development community through its next generation of creators.
  • Opportunity. The Global Game Jam is a unique Idea space, where the next innovation in game play will possibly be developed.
  • Education. Adding to the collective global goodwill experience by helping the GGJ brings unique opportunities in education to students and educators, by providing them an opportunity to know you and know your product/service or brand.
Our goal is to promote rapid prototyping, iterative design, collaboration and game studies while uniting the game development community in a giant experiment in creativity. We are only able to accomplish this task with generous sponsorship from companies such as yours.


Global Game Jam 將於 年月26至28日舉辦,我們正在尋找贊助商,欲瞭解更多信息,或有意想建立贊助關係,請發郵件至。贊助費將用於支付廣告,營銷以及舉辦該項全球性賽事的相關物品。 Global Game Jam每年舉辦一次,這是所有全球頂尖遊戲開發者們齊聚的盛會,人們將在在此渡過一個創意的週末,用兩天的時間完成一個遊戲的製作。
  • 獲取可以獲取到Video Game中最有天賦,最具創意的亮點。
  • 展示您的產品將展示在所有感興趣的用戶面前,品牌的公眾影響力和用戶忠誠度將會得到加深。對於影響您產品購買與使用的軟件與中介軟件公司,您將會在工作室,實驗室及即將推出的獨立項目中接觸到他們。作為出版商,GGJ將是您接觸未來新興遊戲開發商的絕好契機。
  • 機遇GGJ 是一個獨具魅力的創意賽事,幷發出的創意將會引領未來遊戲開發的趨勢。
  • 教育支持這個全球性的活動,能給後代還有教育工作者們帶來獨特的經歷,同時,也使您的品牌影響力得到了大幅度的提升。

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