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The second GGJHK is on its way!!

Happy 2014 everyone! To begin with an upbeat start to the new year we will be organising the Global Game Jam in Hong Kong for the second time running.

Let your passion for making games run wild for 48 hours this month on the 24th to the 26th of January 2014. Registration and entry are free so come along and join up.

The venue for this year's Game Jam will be in Cyberport. Come and stay over, we'll have hot meals at the ready to keep you going strong in this two-day event.

Not sure what sort of game to make? Here's something to get your creative juices flowing! Have a look at what last year's participants had managed to make in 48 hours!

The theme for 2013 was the sound of a heartbeat.

One such group made Rescue Party ( and turned it into an app. They made this game in 48 hours last year. And guess what? Their game is available to download on Play Store! They did it. So can you!

Whether you're an ace coder, artist or a person who loves games, come along!

We'll see you there! Register by January 20th.

The event Facebook page can be found here

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